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When we decided to homeschool our children, the first thing we remembered was this, "Jesus is the Lord!" Our children know this and our friends and families know we firmly believe this. Many of those friends and family are homeschooling in this area. Based on this foundation, we have gathered together and formed a co-op. This was done as a ministry of Powerline Community Church. While Powerline Community Church always provides a covering for our co-op, the co-op is not part of the church and therefore we have welcomed others into our group. Every year our co-op has taken on a different look. Every year our co-op has presented different choices to the families involved. Every year our co-op has been a success. We know this because every year the families involved become closer friends. Every year the children leave the co-op knowing that we love them. Every year the Lord is glorified.

Bubble Science Class

As a co-op we have enjoyed many activities.

We have studied creation science with preschoolers.

Biology Lab

We have studied other sciences with older children.

Spanish Class

We studied a variety of subjects.

Birthday Cake at Co-op!

We had many opportunities to celebrate together.

Josh's Speach

The Lighthouse Family Co-op is primarily for families with elementary or middle school aged children. We firmly believe, however that nobody is too young or too old to find a place in our group. Older children are so helpful and younger children love to be included. We always try to include some kind of activities for the littlest co-opers.

Powerline Kids

Powerline Kids 4H Club

After we laid all this ground work for our co-op, we decided to start a 4H group. We decided, therefore, to start one. This is a program offered in most communities. In Florida, it is offered through efforts made by The University of Florida, as well as many state and local government organizations. We are the Powerline Kids 4H Club. We meet at the 4H County Extension building in Sanford. We have the benefits and resources of an excellent staff. In addition to our regular class offerings, the students are learning to conduct a meeting in a professional manner. The students are being encouraged to get involved in community service activities. They are even winning awards and learning new skills. The 4H in Seminole County offers lesson plans and materials to us at no charge.

Cooking Class


Don't Neglect the Details

When we started our co-op in 2002 we wanted everything to be clear to every participating family. With that in mind, we put together a notebook for each family which included some important and some helpful documents, including but not limited to the following.

Blue Spring Field Trip Medieval Reinactment Botany Class at Lue Gardens