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Equipping and training
because you don't want to just run
the home schooling high school race,
you want to Finish Well!

Finish Well November 2010

Finish Well Homeschooling High School Conference
Curriculum Expo

January 24-25, 2014

Central Baptist Church
Sanford, Florida

Keynote Speaker:
Israel Wayne

Pastor Mike at Finish Well 13

Let's train our children to win!

Airsoft at FiInish Well 2010

Teens and Parents had a great time together battling it out safely on the back fields. We always kick of Finish Well with Airsoft Games!

Finish Well 2010


Mom's Heart to Heart is always a great opportunity for moms and girls not wanting to be part of the "war" to minister and be ministered to.


Finish Well 2010Saturday morning session
with Amazing Keynote Speakers

We try to bring in interesting speakers with something important to say. We're not just educating our children we're training world changers!

Breakout Sessions:Finish Well 2010

We bring you a variety of speaker and topics. You'll find everything from Homeschooling 101 (Everything you need to know to get started homeschooling in Florida) to Preparing for the SATs. There are sessions for parents, teens, and both! We've got sessions on Starting a Family Business, Dealing with Rebellion in your Teens, Courtship, Beauty Secrets for the Tongue, Preparing for the Military, Classes, Classes, and more classes!!!

Finish Well 2010Children's Session, too!

This year we added a children's track to our program. Young ones enjoyed Hands On Activities that taught about Sponges, Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures of Florida and more!

Finish Well 2010Vendor and More!

We had Book Stores, a T-Shirt Company, A Jewelry Vendor, Creation Science Vendors, a Math Tutor/Teacher, a Tower Gardens Vendor. We even had representatives from many different ministries!

Finish Well 2010LUNCH!!

Each year we have been able to offer a delicious, nutritious lunch menu as well as seating for those bringing bag lunches as well as those purchasing lunch with us.

For more information check out the Finish Well Website at http://finishwellcon.com

Marla Julianna and Josh at FW13

For handouts from Finish Well 2013, please click here!

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