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Samples of Meredith's
High School Classes


When Katie Beth was ready to start high school, I read Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la by Barbara Edtl Shelton (Homeschool Seminars and Publications; 182 North Columbia Road, Longview, WA 98632; 1996). www.homeschooloasis.com This book was helpful and inspiring. It gave me the confidence to approach high school with enthusiasm and creativity. Based on Barbara's book, I created my children's entire high school curriculum. Please get the book and read it yourself. You will love it! She has tons of forms that you can copy and use for your home school.

Once the class itself is put together with books and assignments chosen, I place it inside a 3 prong/2 pocket folder. I add book reports sheets (from Barbara's book) and a class hours check-off sheet (also from Barbara's book). The children check off their assignments on one page and check off their hours on another sheet. This is so simple to use. I am able to gather a pile of folders, glance at the paperwork and read their assignments (in the pockets). Everything is simple and easy to keep track of.

Here is Zack's Fiction Writing class folder.

The first page has an overview of the class books and assignments and grading requirements. His research materials on the state of Vermont (the setting of his novel) are in the side pocket.

The next pages are his assignment check-off pages laid out month by month. I can tell at a glance if he is caught up on his assignments.

The final page inserted in the prongs is a check-off check to keep record of school hours (copied from Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la by Barbara Edtl Shelton).

There are blank book report sheets (copied from Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la by Barbara Edtl Shelton) in the other folder pocket that will be filled out when he finishes reading Someday You'll Write by Elizabeth Yates and Elements of Style by EB White.

Each summer I spend hours researching and designing my children's high school classes for the next year. I compile a list of reading material and other resources that they will use in the class and a list of specific assignments that will be required for the class. Finally, I create any charts or forms which I require for the assignments. I use Barb's formula for grading criteria. But I have laid out the class course requirements and assignment check up pages differently, adapted from Barb's wonderful book!! Senior High: A Home Designed Form-U-La's course hours check-off list is added to track all the hours completed for each class. Then I put them together in the folders the way I describe above.

My friend, Bonnie, asked for help with record keeping as well as class design and I showed her Barb's book as well as letting her copy my notebook full of Katie Beth's entire high school curriculum! It was a help to her and she made me several yummy loaves of banana bread. If you have tasted her banana bread, it was a great reward!!!!!!

A Testimonial:

"I was never really one to take good records and just wanted someone to show me how. When I asked Meredith if she could give me some advice on record keeping I thought she would give me some ideas. Then I would go home and have to put something together. Instead I was awed at what God had placed in my hands through Meredith! A complete record keeping program! Transcripts, each subject down to details, grading, etc.... It is perfect! No matter what curriculum was used didn't matter because you could so easily fit it to what you were doing. Once you see this you'll be as excited and thankful to God as I am for placing it in your hands."

--Bonnie Bonnette

Please feel free to look at some of my high school classes. I hope that they will be a help to you. Be creative and allow God to help you design classes uniquely perfect for your high school students. These pages require "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to be viewed.

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1.0 Credit Classes:

Advanced Mathematics Class


Katie Beth's American History Class

Class Assignments

Zack & Julianna's American History Class

Class Assignments

Apologetics & World Religions Class

Class Assignments

Career Exploration Class

Class Assignments

Character: Courtship, Marriage & the Christian Family - for Men Class


Character: Godly Manhood


Fine Arts Class

Class Assignments

Human Anatomy Class

Class Assignments

0.5 Credit Classes:

British Literature Class

Class Assignments

Literature: Shakespeare Class

Class Assignments

Music Class


Short Story & Poetry Class

Class Assignments

Writing: Communications, Oral & Written Class