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What is a Christian Family?


The first family (Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, and other children) had their own set of problems. Adam lost his job in the Garden of Eden and the family had to relocate. Although a wardrobe was provided, the new life was not exactly like Eve had hoped for when she went on the forbidden fruit diet!

From the very beginning of time, God set apart families as the basic unit of society. Families have a father, a mother, and children, if the Lord so blesses. The Father is the head of the home while the mother is his helpmate. They both train their children to love and serve the Jesus!

Curtises plus two

A Christian Family has a Father that
provides, protects, and pastors
his wife & children.

Mike and daughter Katie Beth Donald and daughter Phoebe

No one can replace Dad in the family! When inmates in jail and prison were interviewed, many claimed to have wonderful relationships with their mothers, but 99% had terrible or no relationships with their fathers. You see the father's love and nurture produces good fruit in a child's life that help him/her choose what is good and reject what is evil. Fathers work hard to provide for their family and should be honored by those who share in his reward of hard work. Fathers are a blessing!

"Passing the Torch" by Pastor Mike Curtis


"My Daddy" by Katie Beth Curtis

My Daddy


A Christian Family has a Mother
that nurtures her family & builds her home!

Shine and Meredith Curtis

A mother is the heart of the home. She brings life and beauty to her beloved family by giving of herself selflessly. She is on the job 24/7 ~ no time off for good behavior. When she's away from her family, they are always on her mind and in her heart. The tenderness of a mother's love is irreplaceable!

"Dreams into Goals" by Meredith Curtis



A Christian Family has Children
that honor & obey their parents.

Donald and Joshua camping

Children are a blessing from the Lord! They are also a responsibility. We are given the privilege of raising world changers for God! What a sobering challenge in the world we live in.

Children are to respect and obey their parents cheerfully, immediately, and completely until they are living under their own roof with their own family. Throughout life, all children are to honor their parents. Children honor their parents by showing respect, admiration, kindness, and deference to them. They keep their counsel and feelings in mind when making decisions. When their parents get old, they take care of them!

"Parenting God's Way" by Jenny Rose Curtis



A Christian Family has grandparents
& other extended family members.

Katie Beth with BaBa and Grandy

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews add fun to the family! They are sometimes challenges in relating to extended family members, but God did not make a mistake in placing you and your spouse in the families that he did. Our extended families are part of His plan for our lives. They are in your life to be a blessing!

"My Grandma Beezie" by Katie Beth Curtis

Grandma Beezie


"A Generational Ornament" by Jenny Rose Curtis

Generational Ornament


A Christian Family loves Jesus!

worship at the Curtises'

We don't focus on the family, rather we are a FAMILY WITH A FOCUS! That focus is JESUS! We love and serve him together with all of our hearts. In a Christian home, the Word of God is honored, read, and obeyed. Biblical principles are lived out for a watching world! We pray together. If we find ourselves in a crisis, then we gather together and cry out to God! We sing songs about Jesus and worship together!

Curtis Family Spiritual Goals

Spiritual Goals


A Christian Family goes to Church

Powerline Worship team

The "True Church" is made up of everyone in the whole who has trusted in Jesus for their salvation and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven forever. The "True Church" is too big to meet together every week-plus there are logistics problems with all the plane, train, and boat rides that would be necessary. Instead, God plants us in local churches where local pastors can care for you and your family. Their job is to equip you and your family for YOUR JOB in the church. The pastor isn't supposed to do the ministry, YOU & Your family are supposed to fulfill the Great Commission, along with others God has planted you with in your local church.

Your family has two important missions in the local church: build relationships with other believers and families; and serve in some sort of ministry. Lives are changed in the context of relationships! Invest time in the effort to build close friendships. Hospitality is the best way to build relationships! It might be prayer, ushering, worship team, teaching Sunday school, leading a Bible study, hosting a small group, or administrative tasks. Try to serve together as a family.

A Christian Family loves one another!

Cole and Colleen Webb

A Christian family is a safe and secure place to grow up in because there is so much love for God and one another. Show affection and appreciation as often as possible! Encourage one another! Be on each other's team!

Communication is so important in a family. Be sure to listen, listen, listen. Learn to truly hear and understand one another. Let your home be a safe place to share feelings and dreams.

When you have conflicts, arguments, and angry outbursts, don't act surprised-all families fight. The important thing is not that you HAVE or DON'T HAVE conflict, the important thing is how you handle it!

A Keeper

A Christian Family works together!

Meredith Curtis and Sarah Holland

Productivity, contrary to popular opinion in America, is a noble thing. We are supposed to work hard! In fact, the Bible tells us that if we don't work; we don't eat! Everyone in the family should pull their own weight. Even little children can do chores! Work together on family projects such as gardening, redecorating projects, or getting ready for company.

A Christian Family plays together!

Pat and Jim in the snow

We have fun together! Vacations, holidays, and family traditions are some of the special things we do to make memories! We also spend regular times together for family meals, family devotions, and family nights. Hey, it's just fun to be together!

A Christian Family serves others!

Jim Ludwig serving roast

We take ministry seriously. If God has concerns for the elderly and needy, then we have concerns for the elderly and needy. If the Lord shows compassion to the poor, then we give of our time and money to the poor. We put feet to our faith and do good deeds-letting our light shine!

"The Danger of Gossip" by Katie Beth Curtis



A Christian Family Shows Hospitality!

Beezie's Birthday

Like our hospitable God, we show hospitality to people that we love! We work together to prepare for our beloved company! There is a spirit of welcome that lives in our hearts and we love opening our homes!

Be sure to check out our hospitality page here at Joyful and Successful Homeschooling.

The Nolettes in 1999