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Lighthouse Reading List

We love reading and we are trying to raise children who feel the same way. We encourage our children to love reading because reading leads to learning! The books, plays, and poetry in these lists are classic, excellent reading material. Reading through these lists will help your students reading comprehension, vocabulary, as well as love of reading!

Look below for reading lists for any age group. Click on the reading list title which describes your interested age group and watch it pop up in a new window. 

Link Adobe WebsiteAll book lists will need "Adobe Acrobat Readers" to be viewed and printed. Click on this button to go to Adobe's web site to get a free copy of "Adobe Acrobat Reader" for you PC.

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When preparing for the SAT, students are often advised to read classic literature and other good literature. Preparation for the SAT in this manner should begin as early as seventh grade. With these facts in mind, the best was to prepare for the SAT through reading is to read as many books as possible from the Junior High, High School, "Great" Books, and Great Christian Books Reading Lists.

Happy Reading!!