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Field Trips

Katie Beth in Mexico

Field trips are fun! While making memories that last forever, field trips break the monotony of the routine! Moms and children both need to get out and enjoy the adventures that field trips can bring! Not only refreshing, they are educational too.

Send us your field trips ideas and we will add them to the page.

Water Trikes at St. Pete Beach

Here are some ideas for you and your family!

Field Trips in the USA
Field Trips in Central FL (where we live!)
Free Field Trips
Life Events as Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips

Field Trips in the USA

Here are some places we have loved visiting! Send me your favorite places too!

The Capitol Building in Washington

Washington DC

DC Pages Tourism


The Virtual Tour of Washington DC


Laura at the Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon National Park


Lake Havasu Convention & Visitors Center (see London Bridge!)


Sedona, Arizona (beautiful red rock formations!)


Newbys in Williamsburg


Colonial Williamsburg


Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center


Sarah in Philadelphia

Delaware & Pennsylvania

10 Museums in the Brandywine Valley (I love the Hagley and Winterthur!!)


The Franklin Institute


Independence National Historical Park/Independence Hall & Liberty Bell


A Day in Old New Castle (I attended this with my grandparents!!)


The Biltmore Estate

North Carolina

The Biltmore Estate


Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove


Fall Colors in the Appalachia Mountains


Creation Museum


Located near Cincinnati, this museum is within a day's drive of almost 2/3 of the U.S. population (within 650 miles of the museum).

San Francisco Bay


Museum of Creation and Earth History


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Field Trips in Central Florida

Field Trips in Central Florida

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Free Field Trips

Shopping at the Pumpkin Patch


Always fun for children to swing, slide and run around! Our favorite is "Park on Park" on Park Ave. in historic Sanford.

Feed the Ducks!

Find a lake (there are millions here in Florida!) and look for the ducks to feed. For those who live in Florida: DON'T FEED ALIGATORS!!!!!!!!!



Start with a tour of the airport and a plane. You can meet different people who work there: security personnel, pilots, air traffic controllers, stewardesses and ticket agents.

Fire Stations!

Children love fire trucks. Climb aboard and learn all about the jobs that firemen and rescue personnel do!

Fire Station Field Trip


Tour the bank, learn how to open a checking account and see inside the vault! When we went on a field trip to the bank, the children enjoyed learning all about money.

Police Stations, Courthouses, & Jails!

When I was a little girl, we walked through a county jail and it scared me to death. I never wanted to be a "bad girl" after that! However, we had a happy time at the Seminole county sheriff's office where we met police dogs, SWAT team members, and helicopter pilots. The best was the amphibious tank!

Seminole County Sheriff's Department Vehicle Seminole County Sheriff's Department Field Trip

Local Universities & Community Colleges

Our local community college offers free band and chorale concerts. They also have a planetarium that is open to the public. We have had a wonderful time enjoying plays, art exhibits, and speakersall for free or a small admission fee!


Greek festivals or Civil War reenactments abound! Sometimes there is an admission fee, and sometimes they are free. But what fun to attend festivals as a field trip. When we lived in Virginia Beach years ago, we enjoyed the Pungo Strawberry Festival. Did I mention the delicious food?

The Beach is a Great Field Trip

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Life Events as Field Trips

Family Portrait at Julie's Wedding
  • Weddings
  • Birth of babies in your Family
  • Surgeries & Medical Procedures
  • Dentist & Doctor Visits
  • Taking Trash to the Country Dump or Landfill
  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Other Natural Disasters
  • Parties & Celebrations & Holidays
  • Birthdays & Graduations
  • Church Events & Socials & Outreaches
  • Retreats & Seminars
  • Vacations
  • Mission Trips
  • Guests to Your Home
  • Missionaries who Visit your Home
  • Watching Sporting Events
  • Visiting other Churches
  • Interviewing Older Relatives
  • Listening to Family Stories & "Tall Tales"
Mike's Birthday at Cypress Gardens

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Virtual Field Trips

With our Friendly Neighborhood Dentist
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