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The Good Shepherd has entrusted His precious little lambs to you! As parents, you have been given the privilege and responsibility to educate your children. You can delegate this to a school, but you must maintain vigilant oversight!

If you have embraced the call to homeschool, or are prayerfully considering it, these pages are for you! There are articles to help you get started, articles to equip you in various aspects of homeschooling, lesson plans that you can use or adapt, forms you can download, field trip ideas and lesson plans you can use!

You can be a JOYFUL and SUCCESSFUL homeschooling family!

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 Homeschooling Articles

Ready to get started, but wondering where to begin? What is your child's learning style? How can you cultivate a teachable heart in your child? Have you considered 4H to supplement the education you are providing? Need help with equipping your child with study skills and habits? These questions, and more, are answered in the articles we have provided for you! Enjoy!


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 Sample Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans I have used over the years! There are also lesson plans from other homeschool moms! Feel free to use them as is or adapt them for your own needs. Hopefully, they will springboard your own creative ideas!! Would you like to share some of your lesson plans?




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 Reading Lists

Here are our unfinished, always growing reading lists!! We love reading!!! Lets pass on that love to our children! Our reading lists are divided up into several categories from picture books to college prep. There are also separate lists for USA history and World history!


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  Product Reviews

We love new products! But we also like to hold on to what works! We all want to shop wisely, so we bring you a series of reviews of homeschooling curriculum and a variety of other products in this section!



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 Forms You Can Use

This is simply our mish-mash of forms that we have used over the years! Feel free to download and use them for your own homeschool!





 Field Trips

There is so much to do where we live! We hope to expand this to other areas of the country (& world?), but for now here is the never-finished list of field trip possibilities in Central FL. If you dont live here, many of you will visit some time or another.




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 Resources & Links


Here is a list of my favorite books on homeschooling, as well as other books that have changed my world! Do you like worship CDs? There is a list here of my very favorites! There are so many great homeschooling books and web sites out there! We will pass on to you what we have found that is helpful to us!