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About Us

The Curtises and Nolettes 

Two ordinary families + one Extraordinary GOD = a beautiful friendship with a powerful purpose! Plugging into the source (Jesus), we are set on a course determined to change the world for HIS glory and honor!!!!! 

It is the desire of our hearts to bring glory to Jesus Christ in all we do, say, think, and believe! We want to mentor other believers to help them to grow up in their salvation, reaching maturity with lives overflowing with the blessing of God!  

We love homeschooling our children! Even more, we love serving the Lord with them at our sidekicking in the gates of hell and rescuing captives to sin; worshipping our GREAT GOD; and being diligent students of God's Word! Come serve the Lord with us; be equipped for every good work and ENJOY the process! God is sooooooooooo good! 

The Curtises and Nolettes

Statement of Faith


Jesus Christ is the Lord and center of our lives! Here is our statement of faith!



The Curtises

Our Homeschool Journey


Sit right down and we'll tell you the story of our homeschool adventure: the ups and downs; the twist and turns! Through it all, God has been so faithful to care and provide for us! We are blessed!!!


The Nolettes

Our Homeschool Journey


Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of the Nolette family. Led by Donald, you never know what will happen next! This is their story!